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Project Description
Analyzes the output of ROOT TTree::Print() to show a TTree by size on disk, size per entry, type, etc. Silverlight.

You use ROOT? You have a ROOT file that is too bid? This little SilverLight app is meant to help you quickly see what is going on in the file. Steps for use are:
  1. Use ROOT on your local machine to open the file
  2. Enter the following command "{ ntuplename->Print(); } > junk.txt" where you replace ntuplename with the name of your actual ntuple.
  3. Load up the website that hosts the SilverLight control
  4. Click on the button in the upper right hand corner ("Load...")
  5. Past the contents of junk.txt into that text box (or a URL that points to the data).
  6. Click "Load"

You can sort the columns by clicking on the headers! Have fun. Quick, dirty, but was very useful for me. For more info see the Documentation page, including a screen shot.

Requires SilverLight 4.0 installed (as far as I know, only Windows and Mac for now).

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